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UX Audit: Michaan's Auctions


Redesign and audit a website that the UX design process needs improvement.  


Users find it frustrating not beginning able to locate the information on the website as a result customers will call the office to get directed to the page. The goals for are the following:

  • Redesign the landing page and menu to reduce the redundancy of web pages.

  • Easy way to complete the registration forms for auctions.

  • Add a quick links section to avoid combing through the website.


Michaan's Auctions has a demographics of 18 - 85 years of age, and it's divided between re-sellers, collectors, and thrift shoppers who enjoy bidding for a certain item.


As the sole UX/UI Designer, this project took about 6-24 months to research, and re-design.

  1. Research

  2. Design

  3. Outcome




The audit of Kicx Unlimited’s website UX Design has a lot of potential for improvement especially being part of an e-commerce business as a mom and pop shop.


If given more time I would:

  • Add a video player to review special products to increase desire.

  • Add a chat feature for price negotiation for consignment products.

  • Enable their blog section to attract new consumers.


Throughout this project I learned that: 

  • I was mainly focusing on the business side by increasing traffic to the site by improving how consumers should view the product page by adding new features.

  • Simple features on the product page are more praised because of familiarity. 

  • Avoid using terms that aren’t easily understood by the general.

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