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UX Audit: KicxUnlimited


Audit an application or website that the UX design process needs improvement.  

Users find it complicated and disregard other products while shopping on KicxUnlimited's website. The goal for Kicx Unlimited are:

  • Redesign the landing page, change menu verbiage, and product page.

  • Add a categorization/filter function.

  • Increase traffic onto Kicx Unlimited Website.


Kicx Unlimited has a wide range of consumers from ages 15- 49 years; who are interested in purchasing rare sneakers, street-wear apparel, and cosigning.


As the sole UX/UI Designer, I had about 3-4 weeks to research, re-design, and conduct a user test.

  1. Research

    • User Testing Part I

  2. Design

    • Prototype

    • User Testing Part II

  3. Outcome



I visited Kicx Unlimited in Sacramento, and I was able to interview the store manager, Elvin and two of his employees: DJ and Anthony. When interviewing DJ about his experience using the site prior working at Kicx he said,

"I rarely go on the site. I mostly check out their (KicxUnlimited) Instagram page."

Most of their consumers are from Instagram with 43.2K+ followers, and surprisingly DJ mentioned that,

"customers aren’t aware the store has a website. They either go to the store or call to see if we have an item in."

When a customer calls in to check product availability, Anthony and DJ rely on the website for inventory check; but it’s inconvenient not having the image available most of the time.


On the left, KicxUnlimited's landing page is unappealing and confusing. At first glance, there aren't any images to be seen.


At the right, is the product page, it offers drop menus from selecting sizes, colors, to quantity.


Unfortunately, they don't work.

The store manager Elvin mentioned that their store uses Shopify to operate its website. He showed their site statistics, and the site visit was about 180 and online orders for that time were 3.

Competitive Analysis

KicxUnlimited is the only site where it doesn't show the other sizes available along with it's offering price on the same page. Even though there is a drop menu, it doesn't work. Unlike Prestige, StockX, and Authentic Sole it offers that specific feature.

User Testing Part I: Current Website

I had 10 people browse the KicxUnlimited website or Instagram Page.

Most of their response were:

  • One of the menu “DOD” leaves users in question.

  • No images of products available.

  • Products with different sizes or colors are in different pages.


Sketches of redesigning KicxUnlimited's landing page and product layout.


Redesigned landing page.

On the Showcase menu, it will offer three filters to categorize the products accordingly to the user's need.

Product Page where it offers all the sizes that are currently available in stock.

Now, users will be able to select different size or color within the same page.

Once, the user selects a different color the available size will show along with its selling price.

At this page, the selling price and the selected size is offering a different price point due to its condition.

User Testing Part II: Prototype of Redesign Website

With the redesign of the website, most of the User Testers expressed:

  • More organized than before and able to see popular products being sold 

  • Moving Deal of Day feature to landing page for a quick glance

  • Verbiage use of “Showcase” is more confusing online than in-store.


The audit of Kicx Unlimited’s website UX Design has a lot of potential for improvement especially being part of an e-commerce business as a mom and pop shop.


If given more time I would:

  • Add a video player to review special products to increase desire.

  • Add a chat feature for price negotiation for consignment products.

  • Enable their blog section to attract new consumers.


Throughout this project I learned that: 

  • I was mainly focusing on the business side by increasing traffic to the site by improving how consumers should view the product page by adding new features.

  • Simple features on the product page are more praised because of familiarity. 

  • Avoid using terms that aren’t easily understood by the general.

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