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WorkWell: Member's Portal


Our team decided to work with, WorkWell, a coworking space located in Irvine, California. WorkWell has given us a task to create a platform for them to communicate with their members.


There are four members on this team and my role is the UX Researcher. We have about 5-6 weeks to Research, Design, Test and Present to our client.

The Problem

As a member of Workwell I get frustrated because I currently have to pay by check, book conference rooms in person, and track the use of complementary credits on my own.


Prior to starting the interviews and surveys, we visited, WorkWell’s website, to see what they’re missing compared to other coworking spaces: WeWork, Industrious, Phoenix, and Parisoma. When we spoke with our client, they knew instantly what they needed to compete with other coworking spaces:

• A Member’s Portal 

• To pay online for their membership.

• To book conference rooms

After the meeting, our team decided to visit coworking spaces in our area. We made sure to visit  WeWork and Industrious since those two spaces already have two locations in Irvine. We also visited Phoenix which had similar core values as WorkWell. Lastly, we researched because their main value proposition is renting spaces out to people who need to host meetings or offsites. From the four coworking spaces we visited, all of them have a members portal, which WorkWell doesn’t have. As our competitive analysis show, WorkWell has room to for growth.

We visited WeWork, Industrious, Breather and Phoenix. Out of the four coworking spaces, we found that Phoenix has similar features to WorkWell than the other three. The only thing that WorkWell needs to compete with corporate and other mom & pop coworking spaces is to have a member’s portal.

User Flow

We created multiple user flows based members who will be using the members portal. After talking to the client and results form research, we decided to mainly focus on the user flow of booking a room, making a payment, and changing membership.

Account Manager Change Payment.png
Book a Conference Room (1).png

We originally started off with four personas who we think are the potential members of WorkWell but throughout our research and client meetings, we narrowed down our personas to the current members of WorkWell. Most of WorkWell’s members either hold a hot desk, dedicated desk, and suite membership. Within the persona, hot desk and dedicated desk members have an option to change memberships. Unlike suite membership, the members don’t have the option to change since their part of a company.

MVP Statement

To create a members portal for Workwell so users with monthly memberships can manage their payments, digitally book conference rooms and track the usage of complementary booking credits.


Our client described their business atmosphere as a community-based coworking space with a farmers market/ desert hippie vibe. We gathered various colors of how we feel a farmers market/ desert hippie vibe should look like. We also thought about what features to include on the member’s portal especially focusing on the credits status. The credits status was important because most of our interviewers wasn’t aware how much credits they have left when booking a room, so we sketched different types of charts to see which one is easy to visually comprehend.


We sketched different layouts of how and what the member’s portal dashboard should include. Throughout this process, we’ve added and subtracted many ideas on what features should we have on the members portal. We finally decided to mainly have notification, invoices, events and a calendar system within the members portal.

Book a Conference Room (1).png
Usability Testing

We’ve given our users a task to: book a room calendar, book a room and view events calendar.  At our first task, we wanted to test how users will they will book a room. We’ve received various slipt response  on the flow of booking a conference room. The first half wasn’t liking the quick button because they were confused with the book a room. At the end, we decided to remove Quick Book from the dashboard.

High Fidelity Design

From wireframing to high fidelity designs, we’ve encountered many obstacles and setbacks regarding the booking room layout, calendar, and most of all color. We created different style to see which one visually makes senses to our client.


We have delivered the features that our client has requested, a member’s portal that has a booking conference room, tracking credits, and manage their payments. Since WorkWell needs a program to manage all the things they need to run their business. We’ve recommended third-party applications for the client to use until we’re ready to launch the member’s portal. As for our member’s portal, we will need about six to twelve months to launch, due to limited resources.

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