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Pronounced as "browse" because users will mainly scroll through the application looking for things to do. 


Create an application that will help tourists and locals browse through events in their local area.


Users find it troubling not being able to find local events that are currently happening in the area.


As the sole designer for this product; I had 6 weeks to complete the research, design, and testing.

1. Research

2. Design & Prototype

3. Outcome


I interviewed several people and based on their responses, they mostly travel locally with their friends or partner to dine. Maria, one of the people I interviewed mentioned her concern regarding local events, said

“Some events aren’t heavily advertised, and when I go online to search for more details I find it time-consuming and tedious visiting various sites.”


Results of quantitative survey.

Competitive Analysis

Compared to various applications to which offered a live feed of events and only Google Maps is providing that feature.

To meet the business goal, I decided to have email, sell ad space, and partner up with ticket sellers. With having an email subscription it will create more traffic than social media since everyone has an email and checks it on a regular basis which will turn into a marketing campaign. Ad space, it will help promote an event that is currently happening it will pop up on the app’s feed.


Users find it troubling not being able to find accurate information on local events. To solve this problem, we decided to have a pinpoint location of where the user is; and it will give them live updates on when, where, and what event/ local establishments are within a 5-10 mile radius.

User Flows

I created three different user flows to examine which feature in the Brauz app will Jean use when a scenario happens.

Task 1: Purchase tickets

Task 2: Use Navigation feature

Task 3: Bookmark location


I decided to create an interface that will be quick and easy, for users to view activities happening around the area.


Wireframe prototype flow

Travel App Hi-FI.png

High-fidelity prototype


After completing this project, I’ve learned that I should have:

  • Focused more on the user’s experience rather than the business side. 

  • How everyone would benefit from using the application.

  • Improve on the features to be more available for people to use.

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